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I actually have a [Vassily] Kandinsky tattoo.”There’s no debating that the panelist on CNN’s “Crossfire” isn’t a cookie cutter politico. And soon, talk turns to the unusual ink she sports on her left leg bearing the signature of a Russian abstract painter.“I’m a huge art lover …

She’s itching to get an unlikely duo on the CNN series, saying her dream “Crossfire” pairing would be “Duck Dynasty’s” Willie Robertson — who was at one point said to be flirting with a House run — and “The West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin.

Cupp is a consultant on Sorkin’s HBO series, “The Newsroom.”“Aaron is someone who, in a very smart way, has defended Hollywood as a place where culture can be good and inspiring, “ she says of Sorkin.“And I think Willie Robertson has proven that there’s a culture in the middle of the country in everyday America that people want celebrated as well.


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