Sccm 2016 logs not updating

Otherwise the only way is to mount the WIM as writeable, add the file manually and then save the changes to the WIM. For more information, please contact your system administrator or helpdesk operator.”The next parts of this article translate the many arcane error messages that SCCM inflicts on you, into plain English, organised into relevant sections.

While working on a new System Center Configuration Manager 1511 server that I was building, I noticed that each of the Component Status logs were returning 0 messages for the previous 1 day.

If I set the threshold back to 1 week, I could see events, but they had completely stopped a few days earlier.

The two obligatory steps to do, to help you troubleshoot are modifications to your Win PE boot image.

Firstly “enable command support” which lets you use F8 at any point during a task-sequence to open a command shell.



It is part of “System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Toolkit V2”.Download the file “Config Mgr Tools.msi” from here, and then install it on your admin machine.Microsoft thoughtfully added “testing only” to remind you to turn the feature off when your task-sequence (TS) is ready for production.The second is to add a log viewer from Microsoft called trace32to the boot environment.

Enabling F8 is a simple matter of ticking a box on the Win PE tab, but adding trace32is slightly more involved.

It is easiest if you have integrated MDT into the SCCM console, at which point you get a field “extra files”.


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