Satanic sex chat line Chat rooms for adults enjoying phone sex

It is a powerful tool because it has been created by a powerful God.

In the same way, food in its twisted state, has the power to control.

Sugar, salt, and fat–laced foods are physically and emotionally addictive.

This state is always temporary and results in a causing a feeling of restless emptiness. It is given to the husband and wife as a wedding gift to enjoy physical and spiritual union. But Satan has twisted sex into a powerful destructive lever—a tool of control.

Respected Christian leaders have been caught with their pants down for all the world to see.

Broken men with broken dreams, teaching God, living in sin.

Satan laughs as the world asks, Christian ministers, husbands, wives, teachers, politicians, rock stars, and teenagers have come crashing to the ground because of sex.

Any form of stimulation, whether drugs, alcohol, porn Internet or a roller coaster ride, falsely heightens sensory awareness through an increase of adrenaline in the blood stream.


People will sit up day and night watching this stuff.It becomes their closest friend, sometimes their only companion.


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