Sasunaru dating game 2


Apparently, Brittney, you, erm, flussssster Sasuke, too. Sasuke: *speaks japanese* ファックユー、バカ!Me: uuuummm......

Apparently, Sasuke also get embarassed if you poke his eyes...

“Don’t avoid it like it’s nothing, you’re in denial .

I stared at my reflection in the mirror, noticing I began talking to it .

“Stop pretending that you don’t have a crush on her.”I glared at myself.

It's the only way I can get out of this date with Shikamaru! I didn’t really know why she was grinning at me, but all I knew was that I needed to get her something in return.“Yes thank you . As I stared at the ground, I felt like I was in a whirlpool, spinning around, and around. My thoughts changed as I thought of another explanation.

""Well if we're gonna kiss I don't want stinky breath. ” Ino had quite a cute adorable expression on her face; it was a small grin that seemed devious, but innocent at the same time. but I feel a little guilty; I don’t have anything for you.” There was a sad tone to my voice as I spoke to her, I stared toward the ground.


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    Carbon dating has established the earliest settlements started around 3100 BC.

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