Sagittarius woman dating a virgo man

The sad thing is, is that he dumped me because he thought I would get bored with him and that he thought I was too good for him. He is so loving and touch me in all the right places.

I am a Virgo male and I have been wondering whether Virgo male and Sag female can make an 'astrologically' successful couple.

I have a good friend who is a Sag, and we have many similarities..I can also see how we could differ in fundamental issues.

They usually will be mad at me for something I said. Have to step easy with this one, and eventually I'll have to psit it out and ask her what's actually on her mind very soon here. She can really refresh and make you feel good overall. Let her be herself around others and you be yourself too. Im in a relationship with a male virgo and our love-making is so full of passion and tension we fight all the time!

If I get upset about something I get over it real quick, I say what I have to say and I'm over it but that words that come out of my mouth are the truth of how I feel but the way I say them seem to come out wrong. She is a happy-go-lucky soul who in a relationship will do her best to keep you happy. Well I do anyway, I'm the dominant one Sexy Sag accourse.

For example, she always spends all her money on holidays, whereas I also worry about the future (sometimes).


I think I need that sometimes and I think they need to lighten up sometimes and just have fun.I am also extremely affection person and the Virgo males have had no problem with that whether it's in public or at home. If a Saggitarian really cares about you they will do almost anything for you but if you play too many games with them they will get emotionally exhausted after a while and move on but their heart will always have a place for them.


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