Safety on online dating sites

Having several phone calls between you and your potential date can be a great way to establish a rapport and see if you have a connection with him before meeting in person.

Blocking your phone number from visibility or using a prepaid service can protect your privacy while you get to know him.


Finding a good date – or even love – on the Internet is a delicate balance of knowing what to put on and exclude from your online dating profile, including personal identifiers, pictures, and contact information.

With the following tips in mind, you'll be able to create an interesting profile that highlights your personality and interests, while keeping you safe from unwanted attention.

Even using your real email address to communicate with potential dates can be risky, and it might be better to either use the online dating site's messenger service, or set up a free email account with an ISP for this specific purpose.

Putting up recent, but modest pictures can spare you from unwanted harassment.

Try using a generic, gender-neutral nickname instead of one that will give out personally identifying information, like your birthdate.

Listing your school or place of employment can be dangerous as well because it can provide a potential predator regular access to you.


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