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Today, many workers are facing greater pressure to meet the demands of modern working life.Psychosocial risks such as increased competition, higher expectations on performance and longer working hours are contributing to the workplace becoming an ever more stressful environment.In this complex context, the workplace is at the same time an important source of psychosocial risks and the ideal venue to address them in order to protect the health and well-being of workers. (Return to Union Pacific Caboose Index Page) Detailed information on lettering practices in the pre-Harriman era has not yet been found.Lettering drawings from the early 1900s to the 1920s specify white lettering on a freight car red body.The road number and UNION PACIFIC were in 8-inch high Railroad Roman letters and figures.

All of this was below the cupola and more or less centered between the windows. was in 8-inch letters with 3-inch Oregon Short Line beneath it.

However, these bars were not adopted for UP cabooses at that time.

In recent years, there has been growing attention to the impact of psychosocial risks and work-related stress among researchers, practitioners and policymakers.

Work-related stress is now generally acknowledged as global issue affecting all countries, all professions and all workers both in developed and developing countries.

An exception to this was the lettering on OSL cabooses, where O. The caboose class was stenciled low on the side in 2-inch letters.The reporting marks were also stenciled above the end doors in 3-inch letters and figures. In the mid-1920's UP adopted the ARA (later AAR) recommended practice of putting 1-inch horizontal bars (or stripes) above and below the reporting marks on the sides of its freight cars.


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