Safari top sites not updating

They said, “it still not fix some old issues” like i OS calender GMT issue, battery drain problem didn’t solved in i OS 8.1.3 and Wi Fi issue.


While IE still comes bundled with Windows, today’s O/S’s actually give you a choice as to which browser you’d like to use.

i Phone and i Pad users had reported lot of issues with i OS 8.1.2, including battery drain issue, cannot receive updates on Face Book, Wi Fi problem, no message notification sound, can’t delete apps and unable to receive messages.

Now some i OS users reported some issues based on new i OS 8.1.3 update in Apple support communities.

We’re going to show you how to permanently set your web browser of choice to be your default browser in all situations.

Well, it’s actually easier today than it used to be.

Back in the 90’s when Netscape ruled the browser world, Microsoft bundled Internet Explorer (IE) with its Windows O/S (which ruled, and still does rule, the O/S world), thereby forcing people to switch to IE for web browsing. In the face of antitrust litigation, that’s all changed.


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