Safaree samuels dating nicki minaj

's concept, with Francesco Carrozzini directing the "I Lied" segment and Taylor Cohen helming the other two chapters.

The short film premiered on Revolt Friday night before it was uploaded to the rapper's You Tube page.

I never lived my life as a famous person without him.

I don't think people realize it's not just a breakup, that was a humongous part of my life," Minaj said.

music video, which weaves together a trio of tracks from her new LP to tell the story of a disintegrating relationship.

In the highly stylized, flashback-fueled short film, Minaj and her man relive their fracturing romance, from their intimate nights together to a violent car crash that foreshadows the relationship's end.


Independence and self-sufficiency have come along with the rise of the educated, employed Black woman, but a common causality of said independence has often been the romantic relationship.

(See .) Time and again, we hear of successful Black women who just can’t seem to remain as victorious in their romantic relationships as they are in business, and many of these women are left wondering how to create a healthy balance.

The short film, and many of , adding that she was not dating her "Buy a Heart" collaborator Meek Mill.

In another interview with Power 105's Angie Martinez, Minaj discussed her split from Samuels. Like, I don't even know how I'm going to function without that person in my life.

“Wives must submit to their husbands” is a biblical teaching many still adhere to ’til this day, but for most it’s an archaic way of living.

In earlier times, when a woman had no voice and little control over what she wanted to do with her life, submission was the only way to live.


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