Russian women dating chinese men


Chinese men marrying Russian women has been highlighted in the Chinese media previously, and is probably a solution to China's “leftover men,” issue that Chinese men would not be opposed to., recently sparked controversy among Russians.

The advertisement said that, “Sino-Russian cross-border marriages are the perfect formula.” Chinese husbands live a healthy lifestyle, help with housework, and take their marriages seriously, said the advertisement.

A “Discussion Topic” The advertisement was posted as a collaboration between China Radio International and . Jin stressed that the piece was a “discussion topic,” rather than an “advertisement.” The Chinese and Russian governments hope to promote online communication between young people of the two nations as part of the “Sino-Russian Youth Friendship Exchange Year.” The two sides plan to launch 100 online “discussion topics,” on culture, education, livelihood, employment, love, ideals, and more.

The post on Chinese and Russian marriages is one of these topics.

“This is what many countries believe, we're just putting it up for discussion,” said Jin. Actually, Russian women marrying Chinese men is nothing new.

Netizen “Giza,” wrote, “It is puzzling that a Russian government-run newspaper would publish this kind of 'advertisement.' The 'advertisement' encouraging beautiful Russian girls to marry Chinese men will affect Russia's population growth.” Netizen “Andrea,” said that the advertisement is nothing surprising.She believes that Russians and Chinese make a good match for marriage and many Chinese men are very happy after marrying Russian women.Jin said that this one topic went viral among Russian youth over a short period of time.This of course, led some to misunderstand the post.

“A lot of Russian young people thought that the post was an advertisement about getting married to Chinese men.

People wondered, why must Russian women find a Chinese man to marry? Jin said that this discussion deviated from the original point of the post which was: Chinese men are diligent about housekeeping, Russian women are cheerful and generous.


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