Rsvp australia dating site

Sorry to say but I believe true love is diminishing in the world we live in at present. It's your decision in the end what you seek not RSVP. They don't make the false promise of psychological matching like e-harmony - which is a nonsense. And 'taking a break' doesn't mean they don't stop charging you automatically every month. It is as if you pay to book a spot and the person doesn't turn up without any explanation.I decided to close my account and I do not blame RSVP. The other thing about this site to make it terrible not just bad is how they "care" about you not to interrupt the flow of using the site so they make it automatic renewal and before you notice you already paid twice. You are going to pay them again without your awareness.In the past i've often innocently thought this meant the person had found true love and I'd just missed out. But these fakers must think everyone on this site is just an idiot. Sure their are some real love stories on RSVP and some fakes, who knows.The third fellow again seemed nice and he bought a stamp so meant he had skin in the game, so to speak, but this time I explained what had happened to me and said he would have to prove that he was who he said he was and that I was not going to give any personal details (email address, phone number, job details etc). When he started to entreat me to tell me about myself ("but lets just take it slow and build your trust up" I soon realised he was also a faker and probably employed by RSVP to try and get new profiles going with lots of attention. I asked this third guy to give me HIS phone number, that I was not going to divulge any more personal details about myself in writing before we had at least spoken and I could at least hear that he is a real person he ignored that request and asked me for my email address and phone number. Even though I don't want you to win, my heart wants to let go... There is no doubt some fake profiles and genuine on their site.This annoying custom is very common in the industry.


The fake love language is vomit-inducing - starting the second email with "hello dear" or "Hi Pretty" just set of so many warning bells for me. I said no, I asked first and someone has to give a mobile number and it ain't going to be me! I feel like screaming , mama help me, 'my name' is stealing your son's heart and guess what, let it be stolen. Some seeking one nighters, players, married, financial return etc but genuine profiles also. There is a number of people on this site that judge you by your looks, education, employment, property, financial, living arrangements and travel history etc.

Then stuff like "this feels like school love" or "this feels so special, I think you're the one". I explained that I was concerned first and foremost about integrity and safety. Steal me my darling......(and the final vomit-inducing email before I told him I was reporting him for a fake profile....) "Just on principle my darling, I asked first or is your number the key to your heart??? I say to the members good luck in seeking true love because the majority are clouding their judgement with financial security.

He just kept on pushing me for my phone number, wouldn't take no for an answer. "Guess what I loved most in your last mail "your darling 'my name'". It's been over a year now and I just see the same faces and the only things they change are their studio glamour shoots and their headline.

I say open your heart and don't cloud your judgement its your destiny in the end. The site is okay - a lot of work on the part of the user. The one who initiates the contact is the one who pays. I don't know how is it for ladies but I often come accross women who approve your kiss and then they do not respond to the email. Everything could be ok if only the site sanctioned this kind of poor courtesy so ladies - and men of course - must explain what happened.


My advice, if someone starts asking for money, DON' T! Pigbusters will actually establish contact with the person & confirm. I recently return to RSVP with a new profile in order to make a fresh start on the site where success has alluded me after trying it off and on for a few years.As I realise now, a new profile is just a shiny new honey-pot for all the scammers and fakers.


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