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If you are an experienced developer you will appreciate the scalable, high-performance access ADO provides to a variety of data sources.

For more information about ADO, visit the Data Access Technologies Web site on MSDN. The provider is a component that represents the data source and exposes information to your application in the form of rowsets.

For performance and reliability reasons, it is strongly recommended that you use a client-server database engine for the deployment of data driven Web applications that require high-demand access from more than approximately 10 concurrent users.

Although ADO works with any OLE DB compliant data source, it has been extensively tested and is designed to work with client server databases such as SQL Server.

Active X Data Objects (ADO) are an easy-to-use yet extensible technology for adding database access to your Web pages.

You can use ADO to write compact and scalable scripts for connecting to OLE DB compliant data sources, such as databases, spreadsheets, sequential data files, or e-mail directories.

ASP supports shared file databases (Access or Fox Pro) as valid data sources.

Although some ASP example code use a database, it is recommended that these types of database engines be used only for development purposes or limited deployment scenarios.


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