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The con sounds crude, but demands nerve and timing.An old-school method of cheating, card marking can be accomplished using a pinhead concealed under a fingernail.For this scam, criminals conceal tiny cameras up their sleeves or in a handbag, and wear minuscule earpieces.As the cards are dealt, they’re filmed at table level, and the video is beamed to a skilled player in a van outside the casino.They were then able to have the terminals print out winning slips on demand.‘They made £33,000 in six weeks,’ says DI Wetheridge.Once he’s marked the high-value cards in a manner identifiable only to him, a criminal can determine the strength of opponents’ hands – or in blackjack, that of the dealer – and bet accordingly.


Two IT analysts employed to iron out flaws in the software controlling electronic roulette machines (on which you touch the screen to bet) modified the software so an accomplice could gain access to each machine remotely.

Following a discreet interval, his accomplice joins the table, buying chips of the same colour, but at a higher value.

Named after the chip that indicates who a stack belongs to, this requires a ‘mechanic’, a ‘collector’ and a ‘distractor’.

The collector places high-value chips on the table, and after the ball has dropped – while the dealer’s attention is diverted by the distractor – the mechanic moves them onto the winning number using sleight of hand.


In this scam, a player buys several chips at a low value and plays for a while, apparently losing them all, before walking away.In reality he hides many of the chips in his pockets.


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