Roaming profiles not updating server 2016

If your company files are in the cloud, you just need to update each computer when prompted that an update is available.

If you have a terminal server, or roaming profile network setup, you can choose to administer Account Right using the msi installer.

Windows could not obtain the name of a domain controller. Verify your Domain Name System (DNS) is configured and working correctly., ID 1129 (error) - The processing of Group Policy failed because of lack of network connectivity to a domain controller. A success message would be generated once the machine gets connected to the domain controller and Group Policy has succesfully processed.[...] However, the steps that this section describes are the only steps that Microsoft supports for customizing a default user profile. You can also write a script to rename all the files or if all your users need to have the same desktop, create a "super-mandatory" profile by copying a predefined profile to a share, change the name to and provide the profile path to the profile in all users' "profile" tab in Active Directory Users and Computers.These steps clean the source user profile so that it supports multiple users. The problem usually starts where you need to administratively modify the mandatory profile on a frequent basis. In case you have Roaming Profile on the server for users, there is a group policy setting that makes profiles mandatory.

If this is your problem too, you might want to consider the following options: Here is a workaround: Profiles can be created by renaming the file into Here are the steps: Computer Configuration Policies Administrative Templates System User Profile Prevent Roaming Profile changes from being propagated to the server This makes profile mandatory by stopping system from updating the change to the server. There is a way to avoid manipulating the profile in the first place.This setting have the same effect with renaming NTUSER. If what you want is to manage specific items in the profile then you can Use the "User section" of Active Directory Group Policy to change those items which you want changed.


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