Rihanna dating women 2016

She is a singer/songwriter and fashion designer more familiar to most music enthusiasts by her simpler stage name of Rihanna, one of the best known names and most amazing success stories in today’s music industry, having racked up – among other honours – no less than seven Grammies and eight American Music Awards. Her talent has allowed her to accrue an impressive net worth of 0 million, as estimated by authoritative sources, and the world-famous performer shows no signs of slowing down.divider]Rihanna has come a long way from her humble origins.

Brought up in a household troubled by her mother’s drug problems, Rihanna sought solace in music from a very young age – reportedly, the world-famous superstar has been singing since she was seven.

In case you're not familiar with their back and forth, we've created a complete overview of Drake and Rihanna's makeup and breakup history over the years.



Many went to Twitter in droves to urge Savannah to come for Rihanna following the singer’s possibly inappropriate posts about Lebron. One fan wrote that Savannah needs to get Rihanna “on sight” while another wrote, “Savannah gone show up backstage at Rihanna’s next show like ‘sis I just wanna talk.’” That tweet also featured a photo of Kris Jenner holding a gun from an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born on 20 February 1988 in the parish of Saint Michael on the island nation of Barbados, of part-Guyanese(mother) and part-Irish(father) descent.



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