Retro raleighs dating

This 1968 Raleigh Sports is in great shape, clearly having been used less than the Sprite.The brakes need new pads but the gears shift smoothly and the bike is overall less scratched and worn than its Sprite counterpart.


The number on this bike is “67”, so that would make this a 1967 Raleigh Sprite.

The seller, however, told us that he’d had the bike converted from a 5-speed to a 3-speed when he first inherited it thirty years ago.

It also came with the original saddle bag that needs some repair.

Both: Both bikes came with the original Brooks saddles (already broken in! The Ladies’ Sports also has the original rear rack in ‘bronze green’ on it.

This past weekend, we found a pair of ‘His and Hers’ vintage Raleigh bikes.

They were listed on Craigslist as a set and were said to be from 1960.


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