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THERE are no words to suitably describe what parents feel on realising their child is different.Society tells you that your child is “special” but special is just a word and for these parents it’s a word that means the path to parenting has become that much harder.They couldn’t get enough information here, so they were frustrated.They just wanted to know for certain what it was and what they should do about it.Tunku Mona Riza and her husband Ku Mohamad Haris have decided to tell the story of a couple who wanted to have a child for some years. They struggle to raise him as the husband deals with his own denial and coming to terms with autism.It is not Tunku Mona and Haris’ story, but a story that came to them from many families who shared their heartbreaking experiences and heartwarming anecdotes.She met her friends, the late Mohd Shah and Bee Yang, whose daughter she had met many years ago. They told me what they went through when they realised something was not right with their daughter.



The suggestion did not sit well with Tunku Mona who prefers uplifting stories that have a moral. Studying autism and its impact on families It took about two years for Tunku Mona and her team to research the topic.They spoke to many families with autistic children.


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    And as we do, all we see begins to swirl into an unfamiliar darkness. The smoky scents of fire, foods, burning oils, and manure smell strange. She has bits of straw in her long, messy, dark hair, and she is wrapped in dirty cloaks and a blanket. Our Advent traditions did not prepare us for the earthy realness of the real Advent. We are unnerved to realize that, had we not already known, we would not have recognized him at all. But seared in our minds is the pathetic picture of the holy, homeless mother and child.

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