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Tinder links up to your Facebook and uses your photos and interests to match you with prospective romantic partners.

This is both comforting (you’re less likely to get Craigslist-Killer’d if you’re going on a date with someone willing to link up their established, easily traceable online person to their Tinder account) and kind of disconcerting, since it means whatever you put on Facebook may be responsible for kicking off the love affair of your life.

This also means that if you’re one of those people who refuses to get Facebook, you’ll have to stick to e Harmony.

And even though it started off exclusive to i OS, its user base is already so robust that it likely includes someone you know.

Brea, a 26-year-old Toronto-based user, was impressed by how she’d often see mutual Facebook friends shared with guys she chose as matches.

But no matter what you think of it, if you want to use Tinder, you have to link it to your Facebook.

It uses your Facebook profile picture as your avatar photos, so you might want to eschew group shots or photos of yourself winning a hot dog eating contest mid-bite.

“And I’ve seen maybe a dozen people that I’m actually friends with on Facebook myself,” she says.Hallie, a 25-year-old in Brooklyn, often chooses to match with men she has mutual friends with – but that can lead to awkward situations.


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