Reasons for validating scientific reasoning

The whole process allows the world to advance, evolve, and grow.All of today's advancements are based on the achievements of scientists who already did great work.It can also be used to test whether any statement is accurate. A good scientist would then come up with an experiment to test whether the statement was accurate. Usually, scientists come up with questions by looking at the world around them. " See that squiggly thing at the end of the sentence? If you can't test your own answer, other scientists can't test it to see if you were right or not.You can use the scientific method to study a leaf, a dog, an ocean, or the entire Universe. The scientific method is there to test if your answer was correct. As more questions are asked, scientists build a foundation of answers.For example, you will never have to show that water (H2O) is composed of one oxygen (O) and two hydrogen (H) atoms.Many scientists before you have confirmed that fact.They don't have to go out and test everything again and again.Science is special because it builds on what has been learned before.


Learning about the scientific method is almost like saying that you are learning how to learn.The scientific method is a process used by scientists to study the world around them. (OK, settle down.) Just about everything starts with a question. When scientists see something they don't understand they have some huge urge to answer questions and discover new things. The trick is that you have to be able to offer some evidence that confirms every answer you give.


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