Raymond lam dating linda chung

Source: The New Paper BEFORE Mavis Pan Shuangshuang burst out of nowhere and hit entertainment news headlines as Hong Kong actor Raymond Lam's ex-flame, there was Linda Chung.The leggy Canadian-born singer-actress was once the woman most often associated with Lam."Throughout this whole episode, Raymond has been really unlucky," said Chung."I feel for him and I don't want anyone to hurt him.Linda Chung expresses her gratitude after marriage in her latest full-length album Under the Stars. The 16-track album contains Linda's self-composed title song "I Got Married" and various TV drama theme songs including Captain of Destiny's "Everlasting Heart," The Empress of China's "No Matter What It Takes," With or Without You's "I Am Not Good," All That Is Bitter Is Sweet's "Sacrifice", K9 Cop's "You Got Me" and Witness Insecurity's "The Most Blissful Thing." © 2016 Yes Ltd. This original content has been created by or licensed to Yes Asia.com, and cannot be copied or republished in any medium without the express written permission of Yes It was clear that Chung - who is now rumoured to be dating 34-year-old martial arts choreographer Philip Ng and she still cares for Lam as a good friend.Unlucky In town over the weekend to attend a launch event for skin product brand Bio-essence, she did not hide her emotions when The New Paper brought up the topic of Lam's recent leaked bedroom photos with Mainland Chinese model Pan.


After Lam's "persistent pursuing", real-life sparks flew between the two and they started a four-year-long relationship. While neither any of them has admitted to the relationship outright.

I can't recall any other artist who has done this. I've heard her "I'm getting married" song online and it's such a sweet song.

幸福歌 (幸福摩天輪-主題曲) I'm so happy that Linda Chung is coming out with an album dedicated to all the TVB theme songs she has sung.

Maybe God wants to test him and have him emerge stronger from this.


Entertainment industry is undesirable or harmful that Lam could see his reputation and career go up in flames and went down because of this smallincident.On the other hand, Pan continue her triumphantly joyful to tell the media about her private life with Lam.



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