Push pull technique dating


As a matter of fact, that is probably what made her dump you in the first place – acting like more of a girl than she is. “Okay,” “I totally agree,” or “sweet,” are all masterful examples of what you should say back.

So the first step and how to win her back means winning back your own “cool.” If you are reading this article “in time,” meaning that she just lately sent gave you the breakup, stop and pause for a minute before you respond. Now you might be thinking that these are the biggest a-hole responses ever.

For example, you can return her texts late or just send her one worded texts or something that will make her think why you don’t like her anymore. It’s supposed to be playful, so don’t say rude things to her or whatnot.

So you feel that you met “The One.” Or maybe you are just not ready to move on.

If you really believe that she is worth it, there are techniques to getting your ex back that have been proven to work, and we will discuss them all here.

Because no matter how different you think your girlfriend is, she is still a woman – and women are slaves to their biology just like you are.

You’re darn right, and that’s exactly what you’re going for.

The secret to getting your ex back is based in an extremely powerful technique known as push pull.


If you want to know how to win your ex back, start with destroying all notions that you will get her back by acting like more of a girl (emotional wreck) than she is.How to get your ex girlfriend back starts off by detaching yourself from the situation more than she is.



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