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ii Snehana-Administrationof preparations containing fat to a patient for a limited period to get the desired clinical effect is called Snehana (Oleation).Swedana or sudation therapy as preparatory measures.Panchakarma therapy should not be undertaken without purva karma otherwise it fails to eliminate the dosha situated in the tissues.

The administration of fat therapy renders the body soft and disintegrates the accumulated dosha and sweating therapy melts the dosha stagnated in the subtle channels of circulation.At this stage administration of panchakarma measures eliminates the dosha out of the body easily and effectively through respective pathways. These five therapeutic means of eliminating toxins from the body are Vaman (emesis), Virechan (purgation), Nasya(nasal insufflation), Basti (enema) and Raktamoskshana (blood-letting by using leech and different instruments){Raktamoskshana is not offered at Ayush Wave}.This five-fold therapy is aimed at Shodhana i.e., the eradication of the basic cause of disease and later to achieve Shamana which means the mitigation of the disease and its symptoms.

Ayurveda describes that the disorders treated with this mode of therapy do not recur while those treated with other palliative methods might re-appear.

These measures are preceded by oleation therapy (snehana) and sudation therapy (svedana) and are followed by special diet recommendations (samsarjana karma).



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    Henna is a plant and the leaves are used to make henna powder. Henna leaves a beautiful and bright orange-maroon color when applied so ladies in India and other parts of Asia and Africa have been using henna from hundreds of years ago to decorate themselves.

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    In the field of nondestructive testing radiographers (people who produce radiographs to inspect objects) also use half-life information.

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