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" It’s a good job they’ve kept things casual, because there’s another man Kelly’s got her eye on.Guy number two is a 27-year-old model called Ricki Hall.If you think Kelly Osbourne’s been sitting at home moping since her split from chef, Matthew Mosshart in January, think again.American magazine Us Weekly is reporting that the E!He's got a huge beard which Kelly finds really sexy, she loves guys with beards!She's definitely interested in seeing where it goes with him." Kelly's clearly in a cheeky mood lately as she treated fans on Twitter to a shot of her behind this week.

His name is Quincey Combs, he’s 23, and it seems he and Kel have known each other a while.Kel shows off a teeny tiny pair of pink kickers, a lot of bare and very toned bum, and a rather grubby pair of white socks as her pal pulls down her trousers.She's been hooking up with Quincy, her really good friend, lately.It's not serious but he's really hot and he's very into her!

Quincey posted a picture of himself with the 29-year-old Miss Osbourne, on Instagram back on 17 April, writing: "With the oh so eccentric @kellyosbourne!!" An insider tells the mag: "Kelly is single, but she's having a lot of fun.



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