Puerto rican woman dating black man

I’m not going to waste a lot of time rehashing points that we all know to be true.Black women do not like white women stealing their men. Black women have put in significant amounts of work towards supporting their men despite jail, drugs and unemployment.Furthermore, we can spend hours discussing if people living in the United States whose first language is not English, would rather not speak English or would enjoy the opportunity to learn English better. Some Black women believe that Latinas get men because they have straight hair, lighter skin, or lighter eyes. Latinas come in every size, shape, color, and texture possible.However, and this is really important that we understand this point, we cannot, will not, condone the judgment or the characterization of people based solely on their looks.

They don’t appreciate it when their men run off with the “oppressor.” Therefore and moreover, Black women think that Black men know this and instead of dating white women date Latinas and Asian women.But in summary, Black women believe that their men want the light skin, light eyes and the straight hair and that’s why they date Latinas.But there is nothing that a Latina can do to change that.If a man finds her accent to be cute and that’s why he is with her, trust me, it will not last.

If there are six Black women for every one qualified Black male, then when half of those Black men are dating Latinas, there are now twelve Black women for every qualified Black male. I’ve been told that Black men only date Latinas because they have an accent and don’t speak English well.

I would be lying if I didn’t hear a man brag about that every now and then.



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