I have lots of things pinned but don't get around to making everything pinned to my boards.A couple blogs that I follow regularaly posted "the Pinterest Challenge" last week and I decided to do it!Step 4: Fold elastic in half and slide the looped side between the two pieces of fabric. Step 10: Using a pencil, mark where the inside of the elastic is.Do you go to Pinterest much to look for inspiration for your next crafty project or recipe?

And, it's so handy to keep in the car when you go through the drive through or into a coffee shop to get your coffee so you don't waste a cardboard coffee sleeve!

I read an article online that 14 billion cups of coffee are served each year, each wrapped in their own cardboard coffee sleeve.

That's a lot of waste for a piece of cardboard that only gets used for a short time each morning.

Why not make your own, unique fabric coffee sleeve to cut back on waste and add some fun color to your white coffee cup! Supplies: Coffee Sleeve Template5" x 11" Front Fabric5" x 11" Backing Fabric5" x 11" Medium Weight Interfacing Button4.5" Elastic (hair rubberband)Matching Thread Step 1: Cut front and back fabric out using the Coffee Sleeve Template.

Step 2: Iron interfacing onto the back side of your back fabric. Step 6: Sew almost all the way around the two layers of fabric using 1/4" seam allowance. Step 8: Top stitch around the coffee sleeve with an 1/8" seam allowance.

(Not pictured) Step 3: Lay front and back fabric right sides together. Leave about a 2" gap on one side of the fabric to all you to turn the fabric right side out. Step 9: Fold the edge with the elastic 1/2" over the non elasic edge.


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