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You should constantly be updating your website based on feedback, but high SUPR-Q scores suggest major usability improvements would be a lower priority.

The SUPR-Q score is made up of a global score which is a percentile ranking based on four factors: In addition, you get percentile ranks for each factor so you can see the strengths and weakness by factor.

Amazon is used as an example website; substitute the name of your website.

The SUPR-Q is an 8 item standardized questionnaire which generates a normalized score.

The scoring system is based on the relative ranking from a database of over 150 websites and thousands of users.

Will your visitors think the website is credible and trustworthy? Do they feel comfortable providing personal information? It's important to have a mix of both qualitative comments from your users and quantitative benchmarks to know how much effort you should invest in improving your website.

While it is important to continuously make improvements in your user experience, its good to know how well your website stacks up against other websites on the important aspects of usability, trust, credibility and loyalty. Interpreting open ended feedback is an important step in identifying what to improve on your website.


There are five response options for 7 of the questions, and can be displayed in a grid like the example below.You can randomize the order of the responses as long as you keep track of the item number when scoring the responses.One problem with open-ended comments is that they can be difficult to put in context.A SUPR-Q score will tell you how usable and easy to use visitors think your website is.

The SUPR-Q was developed through a process of psychometric validation.Over 75 candidate questions were tested on thousands of users across hundreds of websites to arrive at the 8 which provide the most reliable, sensitive and valid picture of the attitudes which shape the success of a website.


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