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Stairways lead back down and up to the third level.

The key to this door is held by both Francine Garret and James Garret, but it will eventually become unlocked as soon as one of the Garrets heads upstairs to their room, as they are not programmed to lock it again.

Though not technically considered notable loot, the storage room / kitchen area behind the bar contains a significant amount of common items of moderate value, such as various alcoholic beverages.

To the right through the second room are the bathrooms and a staircase to the second story balconies.

Behind the bar is a kitchen and storeroom, accessible via a door around the corner near the bathroom with a very hard lock.

Off of the balcony are three rooms; as well as there being an additional room that is the Atomic Wrangler player house (after the Courier has completed the Debt Collector quest), all of which are unlocked (exception for the player house, which the player can gain access to it by completing the Debt Collector quest).

In the east corner of the balcony lies a rent-able room.


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