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"The rules about guys doing the asking goes out the window the week of the Sadie Hawkins dance in mid-November, though.This time the girls get to ask the guy out and plan the date and get double points. Everyone keeps track of their participation points, and the winners in four categories will get a dinner for two and a pair of movie passes, according to the flyer.The goal of the dating activity is for the guys to go ask a girl on at least one date a week for the month of November. It goes on to say women can increase the number of dates they go on by giving men hints or clues that show interest in them.Each encouraging comment or action is worth one point.“And it would be better to promote how to have healthy relationships and good boundaries in relationships instead of promoting the idea of a meat market.”Others commented that it was “insulting” and “demeaning” to dating and marriage in general.Others suggested the activity perpetuated female passiveness, and one person just wanted the author of the flyer to “learn how to use a semi-colon.”The picture of the flyer was posted on Imgur by former Mormon John Dehlin, who was excommunicated from the faith in 2015 and is the founder of Mormon Stories Podcast.The categories are: most participation points, best date under , best rejection story and best free date.


The 10-minute video follows Scott and his emotions as he tries to date within his ward. If you enjoyed this, let us know in the comments below!

(KUTV) An attempt to encourage dating between the church's young single adult members in Provo drew criticism after the rules of the game went viral.

A woman shared a photo of the BYU 45th Ward church flyer on the photo-sharing website, Imgur and added her comment saying the dating activity was “the worst idea ever” and called it “so condescending.”The flyer, which says the activity is for all ward members of the BYU 45th Ward in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, states that dating is a skill to be learned and developed.“At first it can be scary, but with practice it is very enjoyable,” according to text on the flyer. There are prizes for men and women, but only men get points for asking women out.“Asking a girl out is still the guy’s responsibility,” states the text on the flyer.

Coming home from my mission, I thought I had it all figured out.


In every scenario, if the date is a member of the ward, the participant gets a bonus point.Girls were given the suggestion to say things like, "what are you doing this weekend" or "could you life something heavy from my car?


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