Proof robert pattinson and kristen stewart are dating Instant fuck chat


He looks like he bathes even less than his bff if that's even possible. For instance, Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson's "Water for Elephants." The adaptation of Sara Gruen's bestselling novel about romance and intrigue in a Depression-era circus plods along at a pachyderm's pace.Exclusive: Rob Pattinson Still "Madly in Love" With Kristen Stewart Post-Twilight%0D %0D Filming for the Twilight series has wrapped, but Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart show no signs of slowing down.%0D %0D The normally private pair were inseparable at his April 17 NYC premiere of Water for Elephants and shared a rare public smooch as they left the Le Cirque afterparty.%0D %0D "They had a long, slow kiss," a witness tells the new Us Weekly (on stands now). They were very affectionate."%0D %0D After all, according to Donna Scott, Pattinson's Water for Elephants costar, "He is madly in love with her! Just one week earlier, Pattinson, 24, stood by his girlfriend's side at Stewart's 21st birthday bash (which doubled as the Breaking Dawn wrap party) at Rockwell's Bar & Grill in Vancouver on April 9.%0D %0D "They held hands, and he kissed her cheek," a source tells Us of the twosome, who were joined by costar Taylor Lautner and his girlfriend, Lily Collins.%0D %0D And Stewart's gift -- a motorcycle form the cast and crew -- gave Pattinson another chance to dote. Are they referring to the non kiss in the car, or was this some kind of private kiss that only anonymous insiders are ever witness to? Doubtful she was around Rob long enough to get a glimpse into his psyche and see how much he supposedly loves Kristen."Rob watched as she sat on it to make sure she was OK! And who is this Donna Scott and how does she know if Pattinson is "madly in love with her! More PR shit.%0D %0D And ewww, Tom looks nastier than usual out on his "date" with Sienna Miller. There are times you should just keep on ignoring the elephant in the room.If not, then come out of the closet or say you're not. But of course, gotta keep the psycho twi-hards (every time I hear or read that word, my mind goes to twi-hard-on and I don't like it...)and shippers happy...Pattinson can't have much faith in his acting future if he sees bearding as the only way to stay in the press and to promote his film.



Then the whole kiss/hand holding extravaganza at the premiere.

And I thought Reese was a pimp for whoring at her marriage/wedding for the film. Even if I actually wanted to see Water for Elephants (and god does it look bad), I feel like the PR has been so obnoxious and in your face, it's a huge turn off. Donna Scott has a supporting role as the circus' resident slut Barbara and probably has about 10 minutes of screen time, tops.

There does seem to be something very desperate about the hyper PR blitz for this film.

First the whole 'controversy' about the love scene between him and Reese, whether he had a cold, whether it was disgusting, gross, or so sexy he cried.

To stage that laughable almost kiss at the premiere of the film is nothing but a desperate attempt to lure Twihards into watching it.I've been lurking at some of the "Nonsten" forums, and it's interesting that many of Rob's fans are (temporarily) turning away from him -- either because they now believe he and Kristen are legit or because they are irked at him because they believe he's playing along with PR.


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