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We have a new employee that started in our safety office. I don’t know that the nickname itself was rude when he first used it — some people are nicknamers, and it’s more likely to be a sign of friendliness than anything else.

My name is Linda, but he has started calling me “Lindog.” From the first time he called me that, I asked him to stop. I have tried to relax when he calls me that, but Friday was so embarrassing when another employee heard it and snickered covering his face and whispered “Lindog” as they left the building. But it’s rude to continuing calling someone something after they ask you to stop, so he’s absolutely in the wrong for not stopping once you asked him to — and the whispering and snickering with the coworker is rude too.

Four days later, she called and accused me of never forwarding her request to him – he had never called her back as he said he would.

For example, a client we’ve worked with before specifically asked to work with him.

I gave my boss the project outline, and he said he’d call her later that day.

And honestly, if you can pull it off, giving him a nickname too (in a friendly way, not a hostile way) might defuse the whole thing. My boss isn’t doing his work and it’s impacting me I am an entry-level graphic designer at a small tech company.

Part of my job is answering phones and emails, interacting with customers, and following up on projects that the rest of the team is working on.

I finally wrote him to stop and spoke to my boss to gain a different perspective and see if I may be being to sensitive and should relax. That said, your best bet is probably to let it go at this point — he’s already shown that you disliking it isn’t going to make him stop, and I think you’ll come across as overly focused on it if you keep complaining.

It looks professional and is so appealingly presented. Even the interviewers told me that they were impressed with my resume.


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