Prithviraj and priyamani dating


Though it is common to hear rumours between a pair when they repeatedly sizzle in a series of movies, this rumour is getting publicized by the involved hero itself. Not many know that there are rumours about a sparkling affair between dusky siren Priyamani and family hero Jagapathi Babu.This may not be true but rumours are erupted that way.Industry has gotten engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Mustafa Raj.The simple yet elegant engagement ceremony was held on May 28, 2016, at Bangalore.A strong friendship developed in between the two soon, and it slowly paved the way to a romantic affair.Recently Jagapathi Babu added more spice to these rumours by his silly talks.



The couple has been dating for the past few years, and finally, they have decided to take their relationship to the next level. It was blessed with the presence of close friends and family members.The actress herself confirmed the news of engagement through her official social media handle.


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