Preeten girls flirting on webcam

There have already been incidents where baby monitors have been hacked as a result of users not changing the default settings, which allowed people to dial in remotely.

Webcams and similar devices are also vulnerable to socially engineered hacks.

Over the past 12 months, we've learnt that children as young as 11 are becoming victims of revenge porn.

And we've seen young celebrities have their private (and explicit) photos hacked and leaked on to the internet.

Just this year, vigilante group Dark Justice trapped a paedophile after he agreed to meet a girl he knew to be 14.Social media platforms, apps, phones and other devices can all have their security compromised.A significant percentage of these featured children aged 15 and under. The content is at risk of being viewed by sex offenders, with some adults encouraging children to carry out lurid sexual acts so they can view and share the material.What's even sadder is that we're no stranger to stories like this.

Such methods are becoming increasingly advanced and normally involve individuals being tricked into clicking a link on a website, or in an email.

This then installs malware on their machine and results in the hacker gaining access and control of the computer, potentially including webcams.


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