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The 505 is a 16 foot, 6 inch, or 5.05 meter, dinghy that features a two person crew with one person on a trapeze wire leaning off the side of the boat barking directions and the other manning the controls.

The 5O5 is a double-handed sailboat that incorporates a light weight, high performance hull design with a powerful sail plan and one trapeze.

When we asked dentists about dental implants, two out of three dentists reported that they are qualified to offer dental implant therapy.

The remaining one out of three dentists do not place implants themselves.

She has dedicated her career to Internet marketing and communications, working side-by-side with dental marketing guru Jim Du Molin since 2006.


Verbage came from Ali Meller, a fellow Canadian that lives somewhere in the eastern US seaboard…for some reason. Without his enthusiasm and encouragement, this regatta wouldn’t have happened.The race committee did a great job in very deep water and tons of breeze.


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