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Radhika Apte has appeared in many Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam and English languages movies, besides Marathi and Hindi.She has received many awards for her great acting skills on the camera.She has featured in a television serious and also in various short films.She believes in living simply with high moderate value.She is basically from the Pune which is known as the cultural city of Maharashtra in 1985.


Her first movie in Bollywood is Vaah life ho to aisi and also first starring role in the Bengali movie in the year 2009.Radhika Apte Hot images and sexy video is always become trend.Actress Radhika Apte is a Bollywood actress and also stage actress.She has began her career as a theatre artist and worked with many theatre trouple in her home town before entering into India film cinema.

She has signed some more movies and soon they would be released.

For her fans, it would be good news and they would be happy to see her again in the big screen.


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