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You might have wondered why I did not post a lot recently. I have put a lot of time and effort in the research and test drive of book cataloging websites. Because I think it is very important to keep a list of your books online. When you are as much attached to your books as I am, the worst thing that could happen is losing them.


Of course you do not have to use the websites dedicated to book cataloging to keep a list of your treasures.

After that I tried them out, to let you know what I think. Again, if you use one of these services and would like to add to this information, please do! If you want to enter more, you can choose to pay 10 dollars a year or 25 dollars for a life time.

Countries: For different languages; go to the upper right of your screen and select ‘other’s’ for one of the 30 languages.

This is why I have all of our books safely stored online now. If our house burns down, I will always have a list of the books we owned.

This is why I urge you to catalog your books online if you own a lot of them or if are a serious collector.

You can liven up your list by choosing book covers for your books.


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