Polyamorous couple dating


There's an inside joke that the only people who actually use Google Calendars are polyamorists.

Splitting time between multiple partners can be a bit like keeping several plates spinning at once.

But on Tuesday morning, you still have multiple relationships to maintain with multiple humans with multiple real-life feelings.

Polyamorous relationships can be astonishingly fulfilling, exciting, and fun. There's no one-size-fits-all for figuring out whom -- and how -- to love.

The key is to share your needs and fears with your partners, and be honest about your intentions and behavior.

As long as you're being ethical, there's no wrong -- or right -- way to have a polyamorous relationship.

Google Calendars can be shared with multiple people and help everyone communicate and stay on the same page.


The only steadfast rules of poly are the same rules that apply to any relationship... Ethical polyamory includes transparent communication, authenticity of self, and an openness to others' wants and needs.Beyond that, polyamory is completely customizable according to your comfort and experience.After 10 years in various poly relationships, I've learned a lot of things; many of which would have made a big difference in how I approached this lifestyle if I'd known them when I was still a poly newbie.There are as many different configurations for polyamorous relationships as there are people on the planet.

People who are new to polyamory often want to know what the rules are.They want to feel secure that they are doing it "right." The truth?



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