Poll biggest dating turn off characteristic

A survey has stated that these are the major turn-offs in the world of new relationships, so anyone looking to settle down should take note.

Rudeness scored highest in the list, with 81% of Brits citing bad manners as the worst thing a suitor can do, closely followed by bad personal hygiene selected by 80%.

The research, conducted by independent road safety charity the Institute of Advanced Motorists , found road rage to be the worst first-date faux pas for almost half - 46% - of people, whilst a similar number say texting at the wheel leaves them wanting to put the brakes on the date.

I polled 50 straight women, ages 25-40, some single, some married, some engaged, and some dating multiple dudes at once (don’t hate the player…), and their brutally honest, hilarious answers made me pee my pants.

(No seriously, I had to change my pants last Thursday.) These women are all desirable, attractive, successful, smart, funny, and cool.

“Don’t make it so goddamn obvious you want to have sex, but then wait around for me to do the same.

So single fellas, if that’s what you’re looking for, maybe you should read this.

I broke it up into categories and had to cut and condense it as the list was 839472947 pages long, but I focused on the common themes that kept popping up (oh, you’ll see).



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