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After the war he settled in England and died in South Ascot .+bar. Worth noticing is that while flying Mustang III, he never had a single malfunction in this a/c. In Polish campaign, September 1939, CO of 162 Eskadra, Lwow (PZL-7). Shot down over the channel in a dog fight (Spitfire Vb / BL323), on December 8th, 1941. He arrived in England on June 22, 1940, and in August joined 303 Squadron. Member of the Polish Fighting Team attached to 145 Squadron in Africa. Most vividly he remembered a training dog fight during which, his good friend F/Sgt Richter (HB882) was killed. After the war settled in New Zealand, where he worked for the Governments Department of Civil Aviation. Floated in dinghy for few hours, never to be picked-up. Buried in Boulogne-sur-Mer Cemetery, tomb 289.+3bars. Reportedly, he didn\rquote t get along with S/Ldr Zumbach and was posted to 302 squadron in September 1942.


Also, in March 1944 flew P-47s with 61FS/56FG - USAAF, after the war commanded 306 Squadron. In 1948 he emigrated to Australia, becoming a jewelry dealer.+bar. He flew with 132 Eskadra during the Polish campaign, scoring his both kills. In May 1942 he reached England and from February 1943 served in various training units. Sever Cemetery in Rouen, tomb 23, row 4, sector I.+2bar. Shot down and killed over France on June 23, 1944.. He crashed on the side of the mountain near Woodvale, in a heavy fog. KIA over France on Aug 9, 1941, (Bf-109) while flying Spitfire IIb / P8696. Occupied commanding posts during the Polish Campaign and flew operationally during the French Campaign. He was shot down on 29 April 1942 by FW190s near Hardelot while flying Spitfire Vb MB307 as the Commander of the No. Flew in French campaign with the flight defending Rennes. After Germans invaded Russia, via Moscow, he arrived in Scotland on November 13, 1941. Killed on July 19th, 1942, in accident while testing Spitfire Vb, W3628, after its periodical maintenance. Also with 303, where he saw action in the Battle of Britain, and 308.



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