Pof dating forum

I had signed up, started talking to people and getting to know people and it was all deactivated! This is one of three sites that I have used that was good enough to recommend to my clients. I actually didn't mind this dating website, what confuses me is that I went to check emails and my profile had been taken off by pof, no explanation and they make it so hard to find a customer service email. This website solicits men to upgrade by sending fake interest emails. I will never use this site again as the owners are unscrupulous and money hungry and don't seem interested in running a genuine service. Surely this is picked up when profiles are reviewed. So how can twenty women who allegedly be interested in me no respond to my emails? POF want men to pay to upgrade so that they can access the fake profiles that allegedly liked you. Not surprising as many online dating sites have sold their souls to the devil. I was in the middle of updating some details on my profile and kicked off in the middle of it. Also of late i have received emails from ladies who straight up put there email and never respond on the site, or half naked woman who have at the bottom of their profile.I've met some lovely women here, though not my ideal life partner.Beware of the scammers, especially those who live overseas, are in the US army or are young gorgeous and look too good to be true. Just start to getting to know someone, then the account dissappears.



POF gives you plenty of room to be as detailed as you like with your profile.

The only problem is no one seems to take advantage of this.



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