Play the field dating


On to my question: I have been seeing this girl on a regular basis (about once a week) for a few months now.Early on, I have told her that I am not yet looking for a serious relationship and hinted that I am ok with her seeing other people (which I don’t think she is, as far as I can tell).

the ‘nice guy’ who constantly ask for permission and apologizes; 2. Keep up the work you are doing because you are an inspiration to our generation of men!Yet, I have to admit that I feel a little guilty when I approach other women lately, like I am cheating.My question is: Do I rationalize my guilt and continue to go out meeting other women? ______________________ CARLOS XUMA ANSWERS: Thanks for your email!The same cannot be said for the other women I have dated over the past months.


Lately, I have sensed that she wants something more stable and exclusive (she has not expressed it verbally), but I am not ready as I have only started building my game for a few months and would like to play the field more.Or do I put my approach game on-hold and start looking at building my inner game from within a relationship? You pose an interesting question that I know most would-be pickup artists have asked themselves.


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