Places for dating in chennai


You find many families , tourists and couples especially in weekends , but there are some spots which will allow privacy. I have not seen myself , so no first hand knowledge.

Also known as East-Coast Road, ECR in Chennai starts from Adyar and covers a long distance along the Bay of Bengal but the main attractions along this highway lie in vicinity of Chennai and they are the followings: This is a place where everyone can enjoy.

But if you want to enjoy more, you should plan your schedule in advance and according to your choice you should go there.

Not everyone one can afford to go to Kerala to feel the gusto of backwaters.

It can be fun going there with family, with children, with co-workers or even with someone who appreciates artistic sense and aspire to be some kind of artist someday.


You have plenty of open space , gardens , play areas , artificial tourist spots , fountain , restaurants and beach .I agree that serenity and magnificent charm tied in Kerala backwaters can never be replaced nonetheless just to get a full of fun estimation of what backwaters look like It is a trust for herpetology and environment conservation.It has won several awards in the recent past and getting recognized as a non-profit organization in the recent years with volunteers pouring in from the metropolitan city of Chennai and with the help of local experts.It is a bank with a variety of crocodiles, turtles, and snakes.


If aesthetic and artistic things attract you then this place is a perfect destination for you.This is a place where you need not think twice before going there.


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