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Although her post-mortem report notes there was some indication of heart disease, it could not be determined if it was a factor in the man's death. Once it is in effect, developers would not be able to pit one municipality against another to vie for zoning changes that would allow for uses other than those outlined.

He yelled at a woman on shore to call 911, and she did so. Much of the initial comments and questions fielded by council members surrounded concerns that the plan, mapped to include 3,300 acres located between 1-94 and Route 45, with southern border of one- quarter mile north of Route .173 and the state line as the northern border, did not address or protect the corri- dor itself.

The woman was on tile deck of her house, and saw the man swim toward shore, then go under the water. "Expand the plan dovyn to .173," pleaded Shelly Kiefer.

At a.m., police learned that a male wearing swimming trunks was found in the water on the east side of the lake, slighdy south of where the swimmer was first seen. Burtea, 55, Constahtins wife, became dis- traught, and was also taken to the hospital for observation. * "What this would do, with the concurrence of the four municipali- ties, would extend this for another 10 years," he said.

A fircboat from Antioch brought the man to shore, where,, following protocol, Lake Villa Rescue Squad EMTs attempted to resuscitate die man, while transporting him to St. Lake County Deputy Coroner Orlando Portillo declared Burtea dead at p.m. Nancy Jones, a pathologist, determined the cause of death was drowning. ■The plan would not be enforceable unless Antioch, Old Mill Creek, Wadsworth, Zion and Lake County all approve it Individually.

At first, she told police, she thought the man was diving The 22-foot fishing boat drifted to the northeast side of the lake, in the opposite direc- tion of the swimmer.* At a.m., the boat, green and white, with the word "Hurricane'* printed on its side, was located. "You've pro- tected us against Neumann Homes, but not against Wal-Mart. 538 Business Properly For Rent ♦ Fcunlaln Il»«d Corporal* C«nl*r ♦ Casino 1 ■ fa ladaitrr flout* 12, Richmond JAII unto Incl OH door, 18" ^celling, off Ice w/AC, she rod vdock in a quality ^/landscaped, professionally kmanagod Getting.

It contained a shirt and jacket, rubber hip waders, a cellular telephone, car keys and boat keys, which were still in the ignition. Let's just leave this place as it is." Several times, Phil Rovang, corri- dor council facilitator and director of planning, building and development for Lake County, explained that the members of the council, comprised of the mayors, and presidents of Antioch, Old Mill Creek, Wadsworth and Zion as well as Lake County board members Judy Martini (R- Antioch) and Randall Whitmbre (R- Wadsworth), had chosen only to include the area with which there was easy consensus about how the land should be utilized.

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While police were attempting to identify the boat owner, the cell phone rang The caller was in die company of Burtea's wife, who was heading for the accident ska She had tried unsuccessfully to reach her. "We decided to take care of the easy part first," he said.

husband, and then heard of die possible drowning, and became concerned. "It seemed to us that while we had no doubts about the land uses north, we were uncer- tain about 173." Witiiin the mapped area, the plan has set out to protect low-density res- idential uses of one dwelling per five acres average, encourage equestrian uses, parks and open spaces as well as to "preserve and enhance the rural, agrarian character and landscape; to preserve, where appropriate, the his- torical and rural character; and to preserve and enhance ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands, floodplains, woodlands and wildlife habitats." Rovang said the plan does not propose any changes to Lake County's current zoning and/or Comprehensive Plan of 1994 for the area that is largely unincorporated.- He stressed that this is a plan arid not zoning or pre-zoning zoning. Irg storefront windows, w/lots of car & fool traffic.

Several people at or near the lake saw a man, later Iden- tified as Constantin Burtea, swimming near his boat at a.m.

A 22-year-old woman and her 27-year-old boyfriend, fishing off a pier, heard a call for help, and saw the man apparently struggling to stay afloat The young man attempt- ed to reach the swimmer. Grayslake, IL 60030 Main Office 847-22&B16V Home Delivery 847-245-75Q0 wvw./ake By JULIE MURPHY [email protected] residents would have preferred it if the Route 173 Corridor Council had actually included Route 173 in its Joint Local Land Resource Management Plan, the plan was gen- erally well-received.

C g HOMETOWN ' Mass Ivc Stl Wr rummage sale Is here A3 Meet tills year's pageant contestants A4 Shanna Wojclechowskl Is a Neighbor you should know A7 •••••••••••••••••I Your LOCAL news starts here 75 cents Swimmer, 57 dro in Crooked Lake William Gordon, chaplain of Lake Villa American Legion Post 703, salutes at the finale of a 21 Gun Salute during a memorial service for Former President Ronald Reagan at Lake Villa's Lehmann Park.— Photo by Candace H. Richmond i) All units incl OH door, 10' icolllng, office w/AC, shared VOock In n quality "/landscaped, profosslonally tmanaged sotting.

Johnson By BRENDA BAUN-BBTSCHER [email protected] police nor the Lake County Coroner's Office have determined why a 57- ycar-oid Lindenhurst man drowned in Crooked Lake on June 13. Otflco, 480V/3 y Phaso electric, 2 OH doors (►8,036 sq.



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