Pisces man dating a libra woman Number chat sex


Well, she might if she evokes one of the qualities she possesses in abundance - compassion.

A Pisces woman is very intuitive and sensitive to feelings. Disappointments and harsh words can slash her tender heart to shreds.

Her empathy is so strong, it's no wonder that when she's upset, she cries buckets of tears and claims the world will soon come to a disastrous end. A Libra man shies away from any kind of conflict and disharmony.

He has a deep appreciation for life's luxuries, especially fine art.

He can have sophisticated tastes when it comes to food, wine and women.


To determine if Pisces and Libra can make a relationship work, you must first understand how each sign expresses love. When a Pisces woman falls in love she protects herself by hiding her feelings until she feels it's safe to share.

Don't bruise her feelings because she won't ever trust you with them again.



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