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I am going to have to pay via Paypal which is a fast, safe and reliable method of payment.

I cannot access and transfer funds online from my bank account as am yet to get it activated but i have my account already attached to my paypal so i can make payment using Pay Pal. If you don't have a Pay Pal account, it is very easy to set up at

Hello, this morning between 4am-6am I was on a website when this page popped up asking me to call 0800-442-818, they claim to be part of the Help Desk National Microsoft Pinpoint and that there was something wrong with my computer.

They said I could use my own technician to get the internet working which they said would cost me about 00 to get a NZ tech to fix the adware and viruses but they could do the job for 0.00 US (447.00 NZ) and I'd be saving about 0.00.

When I inquired about the kittens all they wanted to know was where I lived and about my experience with cats, if I’m suitable to look after them.

They then say that they will give me a kitten but they live far away from me and all I have to do is pay for delivery.

Hi there im trying to sell my car via trade me and auto trader and have come across a person sending texts via a 990 number then asking to email via an email adress : lisawoods77 @

There reply is this "Hi, The Car is okay by me and i am also willing to go with your price.

Unfortunately the agent cannot bring cash or pay on my behalf as he doesn't handle third party payments.paypal .com, after you have set it up I will only need you to send me a Paypal money request to my paypal email address (lisawoods77 @ ) so i can make payment." Hi, I have just found a lot of scammers on this site http :// db=nz _pets& website=&language=&session_key=&search_and_display_db_button=on&results_format=headlines&category=Cats&caption_header=FOR+SALE+/+ADOPTION:&query=browse. They say that they are giving away their pedigree kittens for free because they have no time for them or don’t believe in selling animals to make money.They gave me the delivery Companies website (com) and said that I just have to pay to a person in Thailand as that is where the company is based.

I would have called to discuss this but i am presently at Sea serving in the Navy and there's a restriction on phone calls here.

I am buying it for my brother and i want it to be a surprise gift.


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