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If you are a resident born outside Hong Kong, you should produce your birth certificate, a valid travel document, passport, entry permit, One-way Permit or affidavit showing your residential status in Hong Kong, and previous identity card, if any.


If you are accompanied by a legal guardian, that person must also produce documentary proof of the legal guardianship.If you are a resident born in Hong Kong, you should produce your birth certificate, proof of identity (e.g.If you have never registered for a juvenile identity card, you should produce your birth certificate and proof of identity (e.g.a valid travel document or passport) or latest school document (bearing photo authenticated by the school, e.g. When attending your application interview, you should produce the originals of your supporting documents for verification by the registration officer.

If you have attained the age of 11, you must apply for a juvenile identity card in the company of your parent or legal guardian.The accompanying adult must produce his or her valid travel document, passport or Hong Kong identity card.


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