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    When it comes down to it, someone’s web presence is always the best version of themselves. You put a lot of time and thought into that, right? But as long as they keep thinking that he’s just some dude on the internet, without a face or personality, they’ll probably keep having their doubts. And if he won’t show his face to your friends and family, then g URL, we have a problem.

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    Shia Labouf has done some experimental things -- including this ridiculous music video for Sigur Ros -- but nothing has ever been as experiemental as his latest research for an upcoming role in the film "The Necessary Death Of Charlie Countryman."Shia Labouf tripped acid in order to prepare himself for a drug addict role in the film "The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman." Better yet, Shia Labouf sent video tapes of the entire experience to his co-star Evan Rachel Wood."I remember sending Evan tapes.

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