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The game doesn’t so much do its own thing as attempt to do everything (except be serious).

It’s why the dictionary definition wouldn’t have helped anyway – what Saints Row is all about is unique to videogames.

It’s an end-point for the evolution of a series that began life as a straightfaced and somewhat crass GTA clone, but with this iteration finally emerges from that shadow.

Saints Row The Third feels fresh, and the reason for that is the value developers Volition place on three little letters: f-u-n.

Ladies get the same groin-bruising treatment, and crumple in exactly the same way.

NO INHIBITIONS Give a player a nice, neat open world and they’ll enjoy it for a day.




We could start with the dictionary definition of fun, but that’s not very Saints Row, is it?Not unless this particular dictionary flips you a V-sign before launching out of a cannon, writing the words over the clouds, parachuting back down with a prostitute and landing in a penthouse. Saints Row The Third is a relief, like stretching after being locked in a box for hours.


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