Pay per lead dating programs women on online dating sites


Our expert affiliate managers are here to help you and maximize your profits.

We offer weekly payouts, advanced tracking and reporting as well as promotional materials designed to make you money.

Our affiliate network features programs for websites in the most popular dating and fun categories: Mainstream, Casual and Niche sites.

We also have a network of Social Discovery sites, because online dating has gone social.

Our dating affiliate program allows you to earn up to Per Lead (CPL/PPL), 5 Per Sale (CPA/CPS) or 75% Revenue Share (Rev Share) for every signup you generate promoting our adult and mainstream dating websites.

Our Affiliate Referral Program, you can earn up to 10% of the earnings generated from other affiliates you refer to us.

Each site is treated individually and the commission rates vary depending on the site you are promoting, traffic country and the type of offer you choose (pay per sale, pay per lead, percentage).Affiliate marketing will help you make the most money possible with your traffic by promoting the largest and best converting niche dating websites on the internet.We've been creating the highest converting dating websites online since 1996 and have paid tens of millions of dollars to affiliates through our affiliate program.Our conversion ratios lead the online dating field - just try us and you'll see that we convert far better than other adult or mainstream dating affiliate programs that you've worked with.

Our online services are intended to appeal to users of diverse ages, cultures and social interest groups.Cupid's secret to success in being quick to adapt to new technologies and platforms to stay ahead of the competition and cater for the needs of an increasingly demanding and varied user base.


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    Explore favorite genres or stumble upon new authors and interests with our free digital discovery feature.

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    Maybe you’re a person who knows one of the very rare instances in which missionary dating “worked out,” in the sense that the unbeliever involved came to Christ either before or very shortly after the wedding.

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    You can date singles from Ukraine as quickly and easily as with a girl from your native town.

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    It is also important to remember that as people get older so the age gap seems to matter less, a woman of 25 with a partner of 45 may get some strange looks but when they're 45 and 65, somehow the gap doesn’t seem so big.

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