Pauley perrette dating marine

They each claim he terrorized them sexually during their respective relationships.When they compared notes, Buell and Perrette found that their situations, in fact, were eerily the same.

She’s the attractive, spunky actress who plays Abby Scuito on “NCIS,” starring Mark Harmon.

Perrette didn’t want her story to become public — “I didn’t want to be attached to him in the press,” she says — but once another alleged victim of Shivers came forward, she felt she had no choice.

Buell opted not to fight it, since she wasn’t going west, and eventually it expired.

But she says her total costs in battling Shivers’ legal haranguing have now spiraled into the high five figures.


The women say Shivers, who denies everything, has been clever in his manipulation of the court system, too.“He uses Family Court as his arena to harass women," Perrette alleges.


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