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both Giichi and Sadao apprenticed at Suzuki Violin, so it appears that those two learned the craft there. The photo shown of SADA guitar appears to be one made around 1980 (bridge design similar to those he did for Samick and Lowden)...

Another error is that Kazuo and Sadao established business in the early 1930's.. maybe that is why the lower part of the label has been defaced, it would have listed the year made and SN..

Dating Saigon guitars The date of manufacture is written on the soundhole label." [Source and images: Matt, Saigon guitars email 8/9/2013] The St.

George brand name is associated with 2 Japanese import companies, Buegeleisen & Jacobson of New York and WMI of Los Angeles. George label was used on Japanese import guitars from the mid to late 1960's.

Both were trained by Sadao's father Giichi Yairi who was apprenticed at the Suzuki Violin Company.Both Kazuo and Sadao established their own companies in the early 1930's.Sadao established the instrument company Yairi Gakki Ltd in Nagoya Japan, hand crafting violins under the trade mark SADA before moving into guitars . The original signature looks to have been scribbled over at some time... The number 227 is stamped on the neck brace inside the sound hole.Sadao is said to have perfected his trade by dismantling Martin guitars and copying them. Back and sides appear to be Brazilian rose wood while the solid top is cedar with rosewood fret board.

The guitar is full size 41.5 inches and 16.5 inches at its widest part.

[Source and images ebay Aug 2009] Please note the above information has been corrected as follows courtesy of YL. I've found nothing that notes that Sadao learned from Kazuo's father, Giichi (Yes on finding notes of Kazuo learning from his father)...


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